There are numerous websites offering to sell collectible corkscrews or related material (books,software). Most of these websites are operated by established corkscrew collectors who are also interested in buying corkscrews and offer to provide value estimates of collections or individual pieces. Some of the more active sites have a blog providing interesting commentary on the corkscrew market and their recent discoveries.

For more, see our section "Where to Buy/Sell Corkscrews." by Don Bull
    Don’s site is a great source of corkscrew knowledge. Don is also the most prolific corkscrew author. You can buy his books online. Don often has special sales of his own corkscrews or other collections on his website. He is currently selling the collection of Bob Kimball - by Peter Borrett
    Peter has a new corkscrew website that offers many interesting corkscrews available for sale.  He also has a corkscrew blog by Josef L'Africain
    An informative site with a very active and well written blog: Selected corkscrews for sale by Andre Burgos
    An established New York dealer selling a lovely range of wine and culinary antiques with a strong corkscrew emphasis by Joseph Paradi
    Joe's site is the place to buy Screwbase software, the corkscrew database and catalogue system. You can also purchase the books Joe writes with Don Bull. Also find some interesting older corkscrew articles here by Steven Webb
    Steven’s focus is English corkscrew research. There is always something new and original here. Selected corkscrews for sale and an occasional blog too by James Jones
    Online antique store with a great variety of corkscrews by Robert Leopardi
    Occasional blog features his mini corkscrew collections and new finds. by James Zalaznik
    An informative website focused on his family’s collection.  He writes a blog about his recent acquisitions that is not to be missed 



    Facebook is a platform where corkscrew collectors from around the world and stay connected, in real time, every day.  There is plenty of activity in these groups in which collectors can be engaged and learn from each other.  If you have not joined these groups, you are missing out!

    Corkscrew Collectors - Facebook Group
    A group of over 500 members for sharing stories about corkscrews and corkscrew finds.  Open to the public.

    Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club - Facebook Group
    The Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club (CCCC) is the Largest Corkscrew Collectors Club in the world!  Open to the public.  (joining the FB Group is not the same as becoming a CCCC member - join via the clubs website

    Cavatappi da Collezione - Facebook Group
    An Italian corkscrew group.  Request to join.

    Corkscrew Beware - Facebook Group
    Corkscrew Beware is a group of over 275 members!  Collectors share information about fake corkscrews, marriage corkscrews or new corkscrews being sold as old. The aim - To help collectors avoid faked corkscrews & unscrupulous sellers.  Request to join.


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