TIPS FOR BUYERS on the "Buy Now" Auction

  • All lots are available on a Buy Now basis – meeting the start price obligates you to purchase the lot at the start price.

  • There are no Buyers fees.

  • Past Buy Now sales can be seen by clicking on the Past Sales icon on the home page.

  • New items are posted often – it pays to check “New Today” and “Ending Today” on a daily basis.

  • It is very important that you as the Buyer understands who has responsibility for items damaged or lost. Do not make a payment to the Seller until this is resolved.

  • As you know it is impossible to determine from a digital picture, with certainty, if an item is an original collectible. ICCAuctions makes every effort to avoid fakes and frauds – but there are no guarantees – and we are not responsible for any misrepresentations by sellers. If you think an item is suspicious – email us. However, we need more information than just your feelings. There must be clear proof of lack of authenticity for us to be able to contact the Seller.

  • A buyer may return an item to the seller if the item is not as described, is proved not to be authentic, exhibits undisclosed repairs or condition problems not clearly defined in the listing or photographs.
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