TIPS FOR BUYERS on the "Buy Now" Sale

The Buy Now site opened on October 19, 2013.

Welcome to BUY NOW. This site features collectible corkscrews for sale year around by approved sellers on a Buy Now basis.
  • Sellers must have proven experience at ICCAuctions. To request approval as a seller you must Register and either email us at or go to My Buy Now and Account > Account Details > Change Account Info>Listing check box. NOTE if you are registered at ICCAuctions you are automatically registered for Buy Now but still need approved auction experience to sell at Buy Now.

  • Sellers can list at any time up to 30 lots. If lots sell an equal number can be posted up to the maximum 30. There is no limit on the number of lots that can be posted in any year.

  • Lots do not require approval. However, lots deemed not to be original antique corkscrews can be removed by administrators.

  • Lots must have a minimum value of $30.

  • Lots can be listed for 10, 20 or 30 days.

  • Lots that do not sell can be re-listed after a 14 day waiting period.

  • There is no bidding all lot are sold when the start price is met.

  • Sellers can lower the start price at any time.

  • Sellers can end listings early at any time. However, sellers must report any sales related to the Buy Now offering. This can be done by going to My Buy Now>Unsuccessful and clicking on REPORT SALE OF THIS ITEM.

  • There are no listing fees. Final Sale fees are based on 6% of the amount between $20 and $50, plus 5% of the amount between $51 and $100, plus 4% of the amount from $101 to $5000, plus 3% of the amount over $5000.

  • There are no buyers fees.

  • Sellers can create templates to be used for future listing or for relisting similar items. Go to My Buy Now > Listings > Templates.
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