Most collectors are familiar with Ebay bidding where it is often best to bid late. ICCAuctions© are substantially different; and we think it is to your advantage to bid early. Here are 6 reasons why:

  • Unlike Ebay, bidding at the last minute in ICCAuctions will extend the auction 5 minutes.
  • With auctions closing at one per minute – you may find it difficult to keep track of pieces you want to bid on.
  • During the closing period, emails may be delayed to save server capacity. If you bid early, you will be notified if you are outbid.
  • Bidding early helps you plan your bidding. You will know if reserves have been met; and have a fair idea if the items you are interested in are likely to fit your budget.
  • If you bid early on all the pieces you are interested in, then you will have a great way to manage your bidding by going to MY ICCAuctions and Bidding. Here you will find all the pieces you have bid on. If the "Current Price" is in green that piece has met its reserve; red prices have not yet met the reserve. If the "Bid Amount" is in black you are the high bidder; if in red you are not. With this list of bids you have everything you need for auction bidding in one convenient place.


If you are high bidder and your bid does not meet the reserve price, the full amount of your bid will show, even if there are no other bidders.

If your bid meets or exceeds the reserve and there are no other bidders only the reserve price will show.

If your bid is at least one bid increment above the previous high bid and the reserve price has previously been met, the auction will only show one bid increment above the previous high bid.


ICCAuctions does not allow sniping. If you bid in the last 5 minutes of an auction – the auction will be extended for 5 minutes from the time of your bid. As in a "live" auction – the bidding goes on until there are no more bids (for 5 minutes).


This is your chance to find a bargain. If a lot with a starting price of $150 or more did not meet its reserve price during the regular auction; or if a lot with a starting price of $150 or more did not have any bids; they may be re-listed in the Second Chance auction. THIS IS A NO RESERVE AUCTION. The rules are below:

  • The lot must have had a starting price or bid of $150 or more. No new listings will be accepted.
  • The seller is required to re-list the lot no later than Thursday following the conclusion of the last sale of the regular auction.
  • Lots are to be listed without a reserve.
  • For lots originally listed with a reserve the "Second Chance" starting price must be no higher than 10% over the highest bid received in the regular auction.
  • For lots originally listed with no reserve the starting price must be at least 10% lower than the original starting price.


  • All unsuccessful items with bids or watchers are eligible for Make An Offer including $100 items – no restrictions on price.
  • If you receive and offer you will have a choice to Accept, Decline or make a Counter Offer.
  • Make An Offer will be available up to 14 days after the last auction day.
  • Any listing that buyers have bid on or have in their watch list that has closed without selling is eligible for Make An Offer.
  • To make an offer on an item you have Bid on go to My ICCAuctions>Bidding>Not Won.
  • To make an offer on an item you were Watching go to My ICCAuctions>Bidding>Watching.


See the auction "Help" section by clicking here.
Or email us at


As indicated in the "Terms and Conditions" all transactions are between buyer and seller. ICCAuctions assumes no liability with respect to goods sold or for any loss during shipment.

It is very important that you as the Buyer understands who has responsibility for items damaged or lost. Do not make a payment to the Seller until this is resolved.

ICCAuctions Terms and Conditions require Buyers and Sellers of items over $5000 to use an ESCROW service unless the buyer agrees, in writing, to accept responsibility for lost or damaged shipments.


As you know it is impossible to determine from a digital picture, with 100% certainty, if an item is an original antique. ICCAuctions makes every effort to avoid fakes and frauds – but there are no guarantees – and we are not responsible for any misrepresentations by sellers.

If you think an item is suspicious – email us. However, we need more information than just your feelings. There must be clear proof of lack of authenticity for us to be able to contact the Seller.


A buyer may return an item to the seller if the item is not as described, is proved not to be authentic, exhibits undisclosed repairs or condition problems not clearly defined in the listing or photographs.

All returns must be insured, packaged and returned in the condition received.

The buyer must notify the seller on receipt of the item that there is a problem with the lot. The lot must be returned within 30 days of close of the auction for U.S. domestic customers and 45 days of the close of the auction for International customers.


Bid retractions are discouraged. If necessary you may contact us and we will make the retraction. We maintain a record of all retractions to insure that this privilege is not abused.

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