CollectorCorkscrews.com is a marketplace created exclusively for collectible corkscrews.

The sponsor is ICCAuctions LLC an all volunteer group of corkscrew collectors.

Our aim is to provide an environment for trading collectible corkscrews which is controlled, uncluttered, trustworthy and reasonably priced.

In 2008 we launched our ICCAuctions site, offering registered users two auction sales per year, since expanded to three.

Now,in October 2013, we have opened our Buy Now site to allow our registered users to buy and sell collectible corkscrews fixed prices continuously throughout the year.

While we focus on dedicated collectors and specialist dealers, we welcome the general antique dealers and anyone interested in buying or selling a collectable corkscrew.

To buy or sell you must first complete our easy registration procedure.

You can access our complete records of over 5000 prior sales without registering. This is a great valuation tool.
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