While the objective of ICCAuctions© is to establish CollectorCorkscrews.com as the first point of call for higher value corkscrews, there is a great range of trading opportunities for the dedicated collector:


EBAY is the largest online auction site for collectibles and is by far the largest market for collectible corkscrews. Most users of ICCAuctions are regular Ebayers.

Ebay, although styled as an auction, in practice operates as a sealed bid tender as a result of the prevalence of “sniping”. Many regular bidders now use a snipe site (eg biddnapper.com, justsnipe.com., auctionsniper.com) which lodges their Ebay bid in the last 10 seconds before the listing closes, giving other bidders no chance to respond.. There has been considerable academic analysis of which selling format achieves the highest prices. The answer is ‘it depends’ on all sorts of variables such as the sophistication and temperament of the bidders, the number of bidders, the rarity of the item and how easy it is to value. As a live “ spectacle” we believe ICCAuctions is more exciting.

For sellers Ebay.com charges small insertion fees and a final value fee on successful sales of 9% subject to a maximum per listing of $100. Ebay pricing will vary from country to country and time to time. For example Ebay.com.au currently charges local sellers a 7.9% commission with a cap of $50 on the first 30 items each month.

While Ebay sale history is only available for a few months, details of past sales on Ebay and many other auctions can be found by subscribing to worthpoint.com
(they offer a free trial)

The SaleRoom


A great way to monitor and check realised prices on most live UK antique auctions. Also includes some European auctions. You can search for corkscrews on upcoming auctions and you can register to bid online..

Bidding on live auctions can be time consuming and bargains are rare, despite the frequently very low estimates, because the auctions are now online and attract worldwide attention.

Since Christies stopped their twice yearly corkscrew auctions in 2003 there have been no regular live specialized corkscrew auctions available for online bidding. Occasionally a collection will turn up at a general Auction house but usually it is just one-off listings. One auction house in England has conducted 3 single collection sales in recent years:

Remember that the seller is the auction house and it is up to you to assess the description, condition and authenticity of a lot. For more valuable items it may be worthwhile phoning the auction house for a “condition report”. Someone at the Auction house will usually bring the item to the phone and answer your questions to the best of their ability and may also be willing to provide additional photos by email.

The Auction house will typically charge a buyer’s premium of 15-20% on top of the hammer price. Payment and shipping must be addressed with each auction house on a case by case basis.


There are numerous websites offering to sell collectible corkscrews or related material (books,software). Most of these websites are operated by established corkscrew collectors who are also interested in buying corkscrews and offer to provide value estimates of collections or individual pieces. Some of the more active sites have a blog providing interesting commentary on the corkscrew market and their recent discoveries.

    corkscrewcentre.com by Chris Barge
    Chris is a respected specialist English corkscrew dealer . This site always has an excellent range of corkscrews for sale

    corkscrewmuseum.com by Don Bull
    Don’s site is a great source of corkscrew knowledge. Don is also the most prolific corkscrew author. You can buy his books online .And he often has special sales of his own corkscrews or other collections. He is currently selling the collection of Caroll Johnson

    corkscrewsonline.com by Peter Borrett
    He always has a great range of corkscrews for sale. Peter’s site is best known for his very active and entertaining blog: corkscrewsonline.com/news.html

    vintagecorkscrews.com by Josef L'Africain
    An informative site with a very active and well written blog: vintagecorkscrews.wordpress.com. Selected corkscrews for sale

    syrocokidcorkscrews.com by Tommy Campnell
    An entertaining, though irregular blog syrocokidcorkscrews.wordpress.com
    Selected corkscrews for sale

    eracorkscrews.com by Gavin Maddock
    A young English dealer with a good range of corkscrews for sale

    andreburgos.com by Andre Burgos
    An established New York dealer selling a lovely range of wine and culinary antiques with a strong corkscrew emphasis

    corkscrewnet.com by Joseph Paradi
    Joe's site is the place to buy Screwbase software, the corkscrew database and catalogue system. You can also purchase the books Joe writes with Don Bull. Also find some interesting older corkscrew articles here

    corkscrewappraisals.com by Steven Webb
    Steven’s focus is English corkscrew research. There is always something new and original here. Selected corkscrews for sale and an occasional blog too

    members.home.nl/ferdpeters by Ferd Peters
    Ferd is selling his own and other selected books All books of the highest research quality. Also selected corkscrews for sale

    riverratantiques.com by James Jones
    Online antique store with a great variety of corkscrews

    butlersantiques.com by Robin Butler
    UK antique wine accessories, including some corkscrews for sale

    vintagecorkscrewcenter.com by Goran Nilssen
    A Swedish collector’s site with lots of interesting corkscrew content. Selected corkscrews for sale

    rsleopardi.wordpress.com by Bob Leopardi
    An occasional blog

French Language Sites


The traditional places to find corkscrews are permanent retailers at the local Antique/Old Wares/Junk/Charity shops, multiple dealer Antique Malls. Another good place to search is at periodic markets, Regional Antique/collectible Fairs and fleamarkets

Below is a selection of listings and links, mainly for interesting periodic fairs and markets:






Most of the corkscrew collecting clubs we have listed have annual meetings at which one of the highlights is the time set aside for “buy and sell”. In addition the annual meetings of the CCCC, which typically attract in excess of 50 members, conducts a high quality live only auction. No phone or internet bidding. The club meetings may be the best place to buy and sell because of the opportunity to physically inspect a wide range of quality corkscrews usually selling at realistic prices.

Membership of clubs also builds personal relationships with other collectors, facilitating priivate trading and swapping, a most enjoyable activity.

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