If you are selling for the first time:

  1. Go to Sell (icon at top of Home Page)
  2. Click on Corkscrew and select a category for your new listing.
  3. Check the currency for your auction and click next.
  4. Insert the appropriate information in the field provided including, title, price, reserve, description, etc. and click on continue.
  5. Enter pictures of item and click submit.
  6. Review listing and click on Post
    (Your item will submitted for approval. If it is approved by the Auction Administration it will become live on the system and will be open for bids.)
  7. To list additional lots click on Create Similar Listing (upper left corner of the listing). This will take you back through the process you just completed. Permanent information is retained.
  8. Edit the listing title, description, price, reserve, pictures, etc and add the details for the new listing.
  9. Click on Confirm and review you listing.
  10. Click on Post to confirm your listing.
If you have sold before:
  1. On the homepage click on "My ICCA Auctions"
  2. On the left side of the next screen under Listings click on "Successful"
  3. Select a listing to copy and click on the Title line.
  4. Click on "Create Similar Listing"
  5. Click on Corkscrew and select a category for your new listing.
  6. On the next screen review and click "Next"
  7. Make necessary changes to Title, Description, Price, Reserve, Pictures, etc.
  8. Click "Confirm" and review.
  9. Click "Post"
  10. You can then click on "Create new listing" to create your next listing effectively using the previous listing as the template.
  • Note - The auction software used in the Payment, Shipping and Description sections was simplified to speed up loading new auction items. However, if you are copying information from a word processor document you should first click on "Turn Off HTML Editor" at the bottom of the form for entering data. Then paste the text from your word processor document. If you need to edit this info (for font, color or structure) click on "Turn On HTML Editor" and make the changes. If you do not follow this procedure you will end up with lots of extra words and numbers (code) in the final version.


Sellers have one more opportunity to sell items that did not sell in the regular auction. Here are the rules:

  • The lot must have had a bid or starting price of $150 or more. No new listings will be accepted.
  • The seller is required to re-list the lot no later than Thursday following the conclusion of the last sale of the regular auction.
  • Lots are to be listed without a reserve.
  • For lots originally listed with a reserve the "Second Chance" starting price must be no higher than 10% over the highest bid received in the regular auction.
  • For lots originally listed with no reserve the starting price must be at least 10% lower than the original starting price.
  • Lots may be removed from the Second Chance sale as long as there are no bids.  Lots with bids must stay until the closing.

To list a "Second Chance" item

  • Go to MY ICCAuctions and LISTINGS and UNSUCCESSFUL.
  • Lots eligible for Second Chance will be highlighted with a Second Chance button.
  • Clicking on the Second Chance button opens a new item listing with the maximum and minimum prices already calculated.  If there are no other changes, it only takes a few clicks to post the item for the Second Chance auction.
  • All lots are listed without reserve.
  • Lots without bids can be removed by clicking on the button “Remove from Second Chance”.


  • All unsuccessful items with bids or watchers are eligible for Make An Offer including $100 items – no restrictions on price.
  • If you receive and offer you will have a choice to Accept, Decline or make a Counter Offer.
  • Make An Offer will be available up to 14 days after the last auction day.
  • To make an offer go to My ICCAuctions>Listings>Unsuccessful..
  • If more than one buyer was watching or had bid on your item a list of possible offers will open for you to choose which of them to make your offer to. You can make multiple offers at the same time.
  • Once you have made an offer, if you click on the button OFFER MADE you are reminded of the price of your offer and who the offer was made to.


  1. At the conclusion of the auction go to "My ICCAuctions" at the top of the screen and click on the icon.
  2. On the left side of the next screen go to "Listings" and click on "Successful"
  3. Find the first item to be invoiced and click on "Create Invoice"
  4. Check the invoice details, add comments in box provided if applicable.
  5. Add shipping costs, sales tax (If applicable) and insurance costs in the boxes provided.
  6. Review completed invoice and click on "Send Invoice" icon at the bottom of the invoice to send to buyer.

(Please note after you click the "Send Invoice" tab you will receive an "Invoice mailed" notice at the top of the invoice).

  1. Click on "Return to Listings>Successful" to create your next invoice.
  2. Repeat steps 3 thru 7 until all items have been invoiced.
Note: Multiple pieces purchased by the same buyer will automatically be added to the first invoice created for this buyer.


  1. At the end of the auction you will receive an invoice for any fees due. Follow the link – or go to My ICCAuctions and Account and Billing Details
  2. Click on Make Payment
  3. Enter the amount due in either the PayPal box or Notify Sending Check
  4. Make payment in the normal way.

AVANTAGES FOR SELLERS - ICCAuctions© versus other on-line auctions:

  • Focused auction – corkscrew collectors only – over 4500 names on email list and growing
  • For corkscrews only – no elaborate keyword searches needed to avoid marbles, plants, etc.
  • ICCAuctions© is already international – no need to search "corkscrew" in every language
  • Minimum Starting Price of $100 – only serious pieces
  • More informed listings/photographs/descriptions attract serious buyers
  • Soft Close – auction does not close until last bid (like Christie's) – has proven much better results in other on-line auction
  • Bidding ends in a 3-4 hour period convenient from California to Continental Europe – similar to a Christie's auction – helps encourage higher returns with the Soft Close
  • ONLY online auction that offers a Second Chance sale and Make An Offer system that facilitates sales after the auction closes.
  • Full bid shows if below Sellers reserve
  • Lower selling fees – 2.8% of sale price – no cost if reserve not met
  • Listing options free – used to enhance listing appearance
  • No cost if item does not sell
  • Regularly scheduled auctions – twice per year – Sellers and Buyers know when the next auction is coming and can plan their entries and budgets accordingly
  • Bidder IDs fully visible before and after the auction
  • Auction support available from corkscrew collectors you know
  • Your own listing is not "cheapened" by lots of junk on the site
  • History of successful auctions available indefinitely – over 4000 listings for pricing reference
  • Users of Higher Integrity

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